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The Unknown Gundam Title Thread!!

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by BlertZ, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. BlertZ

    BlertZ Member

    Yeah. OK. The title of this thread needs work, but heck I couldn't think of anything for it.

    This here will be the "All New Official Gundam Thread" for all you Otakus out there. ^_^

    Since I have been putting this off for far too long.

    This new gundam thread is for all things "Gundam" related.
    New suit parts will be uploaded by at least 1-2 weeks. A list of complete MS will be on the way shortly, just need to
    go through and see what I have. Do not ask about any EW WING MS. I do not have any. there are some out there but look
    like crap to me. If you want i will do what i can to make it PEP worthy but any others you find just make a link to it
    and I'll poke at it.
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  2. BlertZ

    BlertZ Member

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  3. transmut1


    I will gladly pay for a base level pep file for a EW heavy arms custom, seriously!
  4. thorn696


    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    On a side note: I lost all my Gundam file do to a unexpected windows 10 upgrade (thank Microsoft) do you plan on sharing any of the old files here on this feed.
  5. chance2091

    chance2091 New Member

    Thanks, Looking forward to all your help and ideas. I need some help on a gundam project, plus i suck at sizing and need help on that!
    My friend is looking for Deathsythe if anyone got it!
  6. ZeroNT1

    ZeroNT1 New Member

    So, I just stumbled onto the main Gundam pep thread, and then onto this one, and I've gotta say, you've definitely been doing a fantastic job on these! I'm really ooking forward to seeing whenever all of it gets finished, especially that Guntank! Now come the questions.. Do you by chance have the rest of the files for the RX-79[G], or will you be adding those into the archive? I read through the first thread, and found quite a few of the links for the different parts, but some of the links were dead along with the link posted that had all of the files grouped together. Also, would you by chance have the RGM-79 head file unfolded yet? I've found the RGM-79[G] file while digging around through some of the threads, but haven't managed to find the base GM's head yet. I'm just curious, but thank you for taking the time to make all of the rest of these possible!
  7. BlertZ

    BlertZ Member

    Page 8 of the other thread has a list of photos I took of which GM's I have currently. The are low poly so no supper details are on them. you will have to add any major details to them. As for the rest of the RX-79(G) files, they are still being unfolded. My computer decided to do a reset and lost the work I was doing on a few parts when unfolding. The GunTank was finished I think just haven't added it to the archive yet, I'll blow the digi-dust off it just to see where its at in dev.

    RX-79(G) Forearm is done and in.

    A side not this is just a tease and will be the ONLY thing I will do for this particular suit. There are models out there but are completely wrong. So nothing will be further done!!!! still minor tweeks need done to it, then will post further details on this two-headed spiting demon...:behave

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  8. chance2091

    chance2091 New Member

    What the best height for the pepakura to be sized at?
  9. transmut1


    OMG hnnnnggggg is that what I think that is?????
  10. frankfills

    frankfills New Member

    Here is my built Strike Gundam.. Based on small scale bust by KAISER0903.. I just rescale it to my head size.. is 92% Complete
    IMG_20160425_114050.jpg IMG_20160425_114037.jpg
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  11. BlertZ

    BlertZ Member


    *Slapping you in the face sound* Drool all you want. During the unfolding found a few more faces of the model that were messed up had to completely restart unfolding it for the fifth(5) time. :facepalm

    But anyways I have bigger new for all those tread loving nerds on here (no hard feelings) some parts are not completely unfolded yet, only marked for it. if you make it just unfold it to your own size. and you will need something to unzip the file since I'm being lazy right now.:lol
    I give you the.............



    Have fun making all the treads LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..
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  12. transmut1


    OMG Guntank haha that would be such a huge build, I'd have no where to store it!

    I'm sorry that darn thing is being such a problem for unfolding... :(

    The guns and such I'm not so worried about needing unfolds for, I'm just going to use aluminum piping or another strong but light weight plastic tubing, no way I'm I gunna try to make all those pieces and curve them smooth heh.

    I wish the endless waltz legs weren't so different from the RX-78 legs cause then I could use those that are already unfolded heh.

    I hope things getting easier on the unfolding! I'm so looking forward to this!
  13. AgentWashington

    AgentWashington New Member

    THis thread makes me happy. I am trying to convince a pal to build a Char cosplay so I have an excuse to be Ramba Ral.
  14. Tms


    "Don't get so cocky! You won the cosplay contest because of Gundam, not your own skills!"
  15. oni102

    oni102 New Member

    Hoping this thread isnt dead as its the first place im starting.

    Im praying you guys know where I can locate a complete God Gundam pep file. I'd even be willing to pay for it
  16. BlertZ

    BlertZ Member

    I have a 3d model of the God Gundam, but it needs a lot of fixing. I think I started the helm but not sure where I left it. I'll keep you posted
  17. Tms


    With quick look I was unable to find files for GAT-X102 aka 'Duel Gundam', does anyone have any kind of files possibly lying around for it? Preferably without assault shroud.
  18. oni102

    oni102 New Member

    I really appreciate it
  19. Tms


    Duel Gundam and or Musha Gundam Mk1 files, if anyone would have in any form would be awesome. I can clean 3D model myself, doesn't need to be pepfile.
  20. chance2091

    chance2091 New Member

    Looking good frankfills
    frankfills likes this.
  21. chance2091

    chance2091 New Member

    Blertz if you need help sorting or anything Im willing to help
  22. Neko

    Neko New Member

    Does anyone have a Char Aznable helmet pdo?
  23. chance2091

    chance2091 New Member

  24. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I feel like this and the previous thread always gets brought back from the dead every few months, now as a long time lurker of these two threads its my turn to revive it.

    Anyone got any 3D files or pep files for the RGM-96X Jesta?
  25. zaneEXE

    zaneEXE New Member

    If anyone is interested i have all 3D models from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. Theyre all still raw .obj files that have not been modified for Pep.
    Let me know which ones you're looking for.

    I am interested in any Wing or EW files if anyone has them. Specifically Deathscythe EW Beam Scissors thats nicely detailed. I dont mind if its a blueprint vector or an actual model or whatever you have.
    i've just had no luck find a GOOD detailed picture to make my own blueprint of.

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