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Ive heard of people using cut up clear caps for the big spindles of blank cds with some tinting on it. Thats all that I can think of =/
I have looked into using the snap on vintage bubble visors to old school open face motorcycle helmets. They are pretty cheap, but only come in clear and smoke tint. They have the signature double curved look of the master cheifs visor (meaning it curves both up to down, and side to side). However they arent gold tinted.

If someone could source up someone whom could do this, or possibly contact a motorcycle helmet MFG'er that makes the iridium coated visors, like HJC, or shoei, we might be able to get a deal on a run of them.

Just an idea.

yeah the only problem with 2 liter bottles is that they bend very easily, the cd case thing is what my visor is made of and doesnt really bend
I found a break through at ace hardware...


Here's the link

Ace Hardware

I would think to just put a window tint on it and cut it to size...
If only it was tinted like MC's visor!

I've seen some very nice helmet replacement parts that could work. Thing is they cost like 40$!
Just would need to find some kinda window tint to put on that... :\... Don't know where you would get one?
Leadingspartan said:
window tint is avalible at walmart in all colors atleast at mine including gold.

Do they look good?
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smilie120 said:
*Cough* eBay! che the tinitng stuff on there......Theyve got LOTS of choice.

psh, i thought he meant something else, i already have the gold HJC visors
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JUst buy translucent wrapping plastic. Like the stuff that brat on willy wonka throws around when she is pmsing. put that behind the non tinted visor and it is magically tinted. Tell me if it works cuz i havent done it personally it just seems like it would be perfect.
Andrew L said:
You understand Willy Wonka is a fictional story right? :lol:

Yea I'm sure they do... But everyday things that are in the story/movie are real...
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