TheBraus's urbanmech from the mechwarrior series

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I was going to avoid posting this here because it has absolutely nothing to do with Halo, but I've shared this build in the discord, much to the chagrin of the members there.

I will have a small FAQ at the bottom of the post.


First off, we need a trashcan to be a proper urbanmech. Preferably a trashcan you can fit inside. I purchased this one at Walmart for $12. I didn't realize I could not fit in it until I got home. Oh well, now I have a spare trashcan.


After I was done moping about, me and a buddy decided to go to the hardware store to see if I could fit into a trashcan. We found one for $14. Got a chunk of PVC for $2. If you are wondering why you aren't looking at a trashcan right it, it's because thats not a trashcan. I forgot to take a picture of it. After we got back to my house we started gathering materials "for funsies" and slapped this bad boy together. This is my interpretation of a RAC-5. Powered by Coors Light.


My buddy was kind enough to pose with our slowly growing pile of garbage. This was right before we installed a wooden supoort so we could use some deck screws to mount this bad boy to the trashcan. You're going to be seeing the word trashcan a lot in this post, and I apologize for that. Trashcan.


Well, this is self explanatory. The support I was receiving from reddit and the 405th discord at this point made me and my buddy kick things into high gear. Things were getting done at an incredible pace, and we were fairly intoxicated at this point.


No light mech is complete without an SRM6 built out of, guess what, trash. Six pack of Southern Star Bombshell and some paint I had lying around. We are not going to address the cost of alcohol in making this build. I was gonna be drinking beer anyways.


Now that we are properly hungover and have piles of cardboard boxes, we might as well make some legs. As an astute discord used stated, yes, thats an HEB sticker.


After running to Mechcorps in Houston to see what they though, and one guy almost choking on his beer when he realized what we were doing, we decided to disassemble for paint. I asked my community for some help with spray paint on our local facebook because I only had green and orange. One lady was kind enough to give me 14 cans. Shes also a maker and a GFX artist. We are now officially friends.


I'm sure you want to know why the paint on it looks like garbage. Because. Its a trashcan. If it looked good there wouldn't be any fun in this project.


Why? Because why not.

But why use a trashcan? Because an Urbanmech has been referred to as a trashcan since its creation.

How much did all of this cost you? I'm sitting at about $16 plus tax.

Why not a better looking mech? Because this pile of garbage has a spot near and dear in my heart. You can slap an AC-20 on it and just go to town.

Once again, why? Because we were drinking and it sounded funny.

Are you actually going to wear that? Yes. I am going to wear it at comicpalooza in hoston. I'm having one of our members print me up some 405th decals and I'm gonna hide one on there.

Wife decided to take a nap so I decided to do some 3d modeling and break my 3d printer.

I forgot the filament snapped and only had a small chunk of plastic in there, so i tried hand feeding the filament, which ended up going as well as you'd expect.


After I get all 32 of these printed out, I can start working on the legs. These are going to go in the corners of each beer box to help them keep shape, and add some blockiness before paint. They will be hot glued, because I'm not going to the store to buy glue for this thing. I've already spent enough on it.

Stiffeners have been printed and installed. We now have robot legs!


Little dab of miscellaneous primer....


And our legs are complete. Now, I know what you're thinking. Braus, do you paint professionally? I'm humbled by your words, I truly am! But no, I am not a painter, just a master of the rattlecan arts.

When my buddy gets off of work I'm gonna have him put the suit on and get a good picture. He doesn't have a choice in the matter.
Yes, the fez really brings it all together.
This is hllarious, can't wait to see you walking around!

After the legs fully dry and my buddy gets off of work it's gonna get tried on. He's gonna model it for me. My leg isn't working well today.

This has honestly been the dumbest thing I've ever built but it's been an absolute blast figuring it all out.
Haha, oh man. My first read through the thread. This made me laugh. Brrrrrrrrrrrrttt

edit: and I just now got your avatar haha nice
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