Foam Thel Vadamee cosplay pre Arbiter

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About a year ago, i started making plans to build Fleetmaster Thel Vadamee from Halo 2 Anniversary. I love that design of Elite and of course the character and had to build a cosplay. Over the past year i made my own templates, went thru tons of trial and error, and finally finished the cosplay in late March. I took several pictures throughout the build process and i want to show how i managed to pull it off.
The first step was planning it all out. How the costume would fit onto me, how tall i wanted it to be, etc.
I then made pepakura templates from a 3d model of a H2A elite that i bought online. I separated the model into several pieces, mainly just each armor piece. I did this in Blender. Then exported from obj over to pdo, and unfolded every armor piece for use with foam.
I printed everything out - tons of pages! Traced onto foam, and began building. I used foam i got from Walmart as well as - i started with the helmet and a place holder for the head. Then the arms and so on.
The legs were a bit tricky. But i managed to make them work as an illusion. Im able to stand up straight in the cosplay, while the legs look semi digitigrade.
For the boots, i made lifts by stacking foam mats until i got the height i wanted. The boots give me a 10inch lift. The foam mats were cut into the shape of the elite boot, glued and stacked and then wrapped with thinner foam on the outside to give a uniform shape. And i have slip on shoes glued into the tops of the boots. I will be updating these later on tho, so stay tuned.
I made the muscle suit from soft, spongey foam i found at walmart, which i glued onto a morph suit. The hex fabric i found online thru Yaya Han cosplay fabric, which i glued over the mucles suit. I used contact cement for pretty much everything.
The face is 10mm eva foam with 4mm eva foam stretched over it. And the head piece is worn like a hat. I literally glued a hat on the inside of it. I see thru the mouth.
The teeth are made of heat moldable plastic that i got on amazon.
It took about a year to plan out and fully build the entire costume. I still plan on rebuilding some pieces to make more screen accurate, and when i do i will update this thread =]
*UPDATED* New Chest piece is almost done! I plan on molding it and then casting with Smooth65D =]


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?WHAAAAT?!!?! Where has this been?! Dude, that's AWESOME! Holy Sweet Mother of All That Is Good!

... I want to steal your costume idea and make my own.
Would you please go into further detail about the head and how you constructed it and got the rough, skin look?

Thanks dude! The head is basically just the helmet, with a ball cap glued inside and a face attached to the front. Very simple! I made a base for the face with 10mm eva foam, and then stretched 4mm eva foam over the base, i used contact cement to glue it. And i used scissors to make the skin detail just by scrapping the scissors over the surface to make the lines and marks to resemble skin


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Thank you!
And yes! I uploaded all of my templates to the 405th Facebook page file section. Theyre not the best, but they work lol
I'm not exactly sure how it works, but i'm pretty sure if you give these templates to Art Andrews then he can upload them to the armory(where all files are located on the site) for everyone to use. If you're open to that idea.
Maybe someone else will have a better idea of how that works.


405th Regiment Officer
I'm not exactly sure how it works, but i'm pretty sure if you give these templates to Art Andrews then he can upload them to the armory(where all files are located on the site) for everyone to use. If you're open to that idea.
Maybe someone else will have a better idea of how that works.
My templates arent the best, but i would love to share them and see more Elites! Would i just email them to Art? They're already in the Facebook file section


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What an excellent piece of work you have done!! I was also following all the progress of this build on your Instagram if I am not mistaken! Is there any plans beyond this first adventure into the world of Elites for doing more variants?
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