These Boots are made for walkin´


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Finally, after 3 Attempts or 1 Year of thinking trough the Design, i got the perfect Boots.

Credits to Thorn696, as i saw his Shells over 5.11 Boots, i decided to make them too.

The Shells are actually very easy to make and needed about 1 Week each Side.

I don´t decided to smooth them to the best Level i can get them, because i like my Armor and all of the other Parts used and / or damaged.

So i just slushcasted the Pep, added 3 Layers of Fiberglas in the Back and Front Part, the Top Parts are made out of PVC only and are also mounted with a heatbended PVC Bride on the Bridge of the Back-Part.
The Edges inside are reinforced and smoothed with FreeForm Air. I wanted to add less Weight, the Urethane and Fiberglas are heavy enough, but also very durable and strong.

After the Hardening of all Materials, i sanded the Outside and then sealed it with PE Resin.
After that was hard too, i painted it and it worked fine. I thought it.

But it was too hot and the Paint got many Bubbles in it.
So again sanding a little and then painting again in the Shadow and at cooler Temps.

It worked fine, i only got some little Bubbles in the left Front-Part, but they are easy to remove.

The next Day i tried them on and the fit perfect, i don´t even feel them. I can move in it like there are no Shells over the Boots.

The Front-Part is only fixed with 2 Screws, the Back-Part is not mounted at all. Maybe i do something about this, but it works anyway.