Think this will work?? (Hunter Armor)

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Alright, so I'm planning on making hunter armor, and I don't know much about armor making, or have that much materials for that matter. So, I watched these vids posted by Sean Bradley, from Spartan 648:
And these vids gave me some ideas, I am planning to make the armor out of clay, then harden it somehow. Then I was thinking about making one of those mold box things, and then make a better version of the armor out of some other sort of mold. Think it will work? I don't think the Hunter armor should be that hard, besides getting the right size, right shape, spines, helmet, ect. Here's a pic for reference
Re: Think this will work??

Osiris said:
I don't think the Hunter armor should be that hard, besides getting the right size, right shape, spines, helmet, ect.

well, spartan armor, or any armor, shouldn't be that hard...besides getting the right size, right shape, helmet, etc. ;)

haven't seen it done before, brave idea. good luck.
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I would use a spongy material covered in Latex to simulate the worm colony..

Very cool idea.. Those shields are gonna' be brutal though.. not very convienient size.

Are you going to try and be to scale?
lol, true. But I don't think the hunter armor has as much detail as spartan armor. I'm gonna try my best, but im not sure if this will work or not. In the vid's the guy outlined the mouse, and car with clay (that wasnt hardened or anything) so thats why I wanna know if I could make a mold box thing out of hardened clay. If this all works out, and I make the mold boxes and everything, I might make a few extra hunter costumes and pair up with a few friends. I think that would be pretty cool for somthing like halloween.
Right now im just worrying about the armor, but thats a good idea. and idk, because the hunters are what, 12' tall when not in combat position? I'm gonna try to make it the right size, but shrinked down to my size or somthing like that. It's kinda hard to find pics of their arms, back, ect. so I might buy an action figure to look off of.
Halo 2 had "sleek" Hunters that reared-up to a more human resembling shape.. I'd advise doing those rather than Halo 1.
ill go looking around on friday for a hunter action figure. lol, I seen that site already, but thanks anyways, ill look more into it later. Theres not really that many pics of hunters exposing (almost) all of their armor, best one I could find, with the most armor showing is the one I posted. So i'll probaly just look off the toy.
I know this topic is over a month old but I was wondering if anybody has continued on the HUNTER armor. I did some research and I believe it would be an easy project to cut my teeth on. The methods at- & -seem to be the best way to go about it. There isn't allot of detail so it should be rather straight forward. As for multiple views of the HUNTER's armor, I just play HALO 2 on easy and run circles around the first HUNTERS in the city. If anybody is still interested, I plan on starting this weekend on making my body cast.
Good old amethyst-angel. You should check her blog site here. Using the foam styrene and/or foam and vinyl method should work for you. You want to use molding when you want to make exact copies and have them made with durable material.

Another thing you will have to think about, which I'm sure you have already, is the feet or leg of the hunter. If you have ever seen that one guy who did that Covenant Elite at Comic Con you know what I am talking about. I don't know what the answer is and I wish I did. Some sort of stilks (however you spell that) to get that fore leg look.

Keep us posted...
I decided not to do this yet, I was gonna try to make some Spartan Armor first to get some experience. Monstermaker is planning to make some Hunter Armor I believe.

Right now I'm working on the legs for my spartan armor, im pretty much done with the belt for right now. I can wear it, but im gonna still try to detail it more later, then back it up with some Fiberglass resin. Right now its made out of Cardboard and Scotch tape, don't have much to work with.
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