Thinking about making crossover armor


This won't be till next year at best, but I've thought about making a Reach/Overwatch crossover set.

So basically, I want to make a set of armor from Reach, but painted similar to Tracer's Slipstream skin from Overwatch


I'm planning on repainting 2 of the helmets that I have. Thing is, I don't know what pieces to use for it. what armor pieces from reach are good for a beginner that has only experience with making 1 suit (and it's very noticable that it is)?


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Sounds like a pretty awesome idea! For my first Reach foam build I started with the forearms, they're pretty easy to scale and to build.


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The crossover idea sounds very interesting and combined with Tracer`s Slipstream Skin it could give a much thinner (and maybe stealthier) look like the SPI armor that the Spartan IIIs from the books had.
Good luck on your project.