This is my rifle parody for the 405th group

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I got to thinking about the "This is my rifle" for the US Marines and i figured, why not have one for spartans as well???

well here is my version that i put out there for you guys to comments on.

This is my rifle parody:

I am a Spartan.
There are many like me
But I am unique.
I have no friends
Only brothers who are Spartans.
I must master my enemy
As I must master my own life.
I must shoot straighter
Than my enemy who is trying to kill me.
I will.
Because I am faster, stronger, and more intelligent
I will best all those who oppose me.
I am a Spartan
Fear me all who oppose Earth.
The spartan creed. It would look really professional if we could recite it, without missing a beat all in unison at conventions and whatnot.
Why thank you guys!! I'm a bit of a Marine Corps junky too so i kinda know the original by heart :p got to thinking and thats what came out :)

I think probably we should have like a watermark of sorts of this as like a backround to the rules page for the 405th group....sounds cool to me
Well i was using the marine corps creed as a model so thats why it says straighter rather than is truer a im open to suggestions just i wanna make this thing awesome......words that don't eexist = not as awesome as words that do :)

but anychanges please feel free to post your own versions if you want. wont bother me any
my bad my bad lol ok well since truer is a word i guess it can be thrown into the pot for consideration.

i just personally like straighter because if u leave straighter in the line it matches exactly with the marine corps a usmc junky :-D

The Spartan program was Naval run, so the only "official" traditions would be Navy. Since they were Marine/ODST trained, there are probably more of their traditions in "unofficial" capacities within the Spartan teams....
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