This is why they made the replay for Halo 3

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Sean Bradley said:
The barrel that changed the world is funny... but try this out:

Best Splatter ever!
I don't know. I still think the plasma barrel is just way too random to be contested.

thisismadness2 said:
This however I have seen before and is almost as weird and funny.

Did anyone see the guy that got Recon armor for eating his own sniper bullet? That was also just way too weird. Aren't game physics fun, haha.
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On headlong a guy threw down a Grav lift while I was on a ghost speeding towards him and he stupidly jumped to avoid me considering he was infront of the grav lift...Mid airsplatter..But I also landed on one of my teammates while he was invisible...
23Magnum said:

This has to be one of the funniest things to ever, but I did see someone kill themselves with their own sniper shot in another video. This however is just way to random.

I don't know why but that music just makes the whole video 10X better :lol:

P.S: Dude 23Magnum, your avatar is amazingly sweet, I love timeshift (sorry off topic)
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