This week's Halo Reach Weekly Challenge + how long did it take you...


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Just finished the weekly challenge in Halo Reach, Winter Contingency Legendary with all skulls on (LASO). Holy crap, what a pain in the rear! I did most of the level just fine (after I got used to the absence of any hud features), but the last part when you fight the three Zealot class elites took me forever! In the end, I utilized the forklift as a means of depleating the sword elite's shields, jumped off and sticky naded him. After that, I jumped down into the pit where the shotgun is, got up on top of the crate next to the shotgun, jumped up near the control room and, one by one, assassinated the other two elites. All in all, it took me 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

How long did it take you guys? Did you use any tricks like I did with the fork lift? I'm curious.
I played with a friend (restarting at a checkpoint is 100X better than restarting everything.

He had to leave his house right at the end though, so I was on my own for the ending.
I lured the elite to Jorge (since he's invincible) and while he was slashing away I assasinated him!!!
The Using the core things as cover I charged the elites (yeesh, it was like 5 to 7 slashes each) AND PUSHED THE BUTAN!

Other than that the part where you "defend" the marines we went and got a car to splatter elites. It went something like this
1: drive far away
2: drive fast back to the little area
3: drive through the area
5: rinse and repeat.

And there was some running and cowering from hordes (3 to 4) of grunts XD


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Roughly half an hour here. Solo as well :D
Here's how I did it :)
The first load of encounters can be easily evaded. When you first meet the covenant just high tail it past them all to the right and you can miss every fight through that section of the valley, just be sure to stick as far right at possible, (without falling off the ridge haha).

When you get to the driving section carry on as normal and follow the road all the way to the right. Eventually you'll get to the encounter where there are a few marines fighting the grunts by the river. Drive up, drop of Jorge and Carter *important* use a frag to knock the destroyed warthog out of the way, and when the dropship leaves (avoid those concussion rounds!) just go on an all out splatter spree with your jeep! haha. Wait a ways away while the other dropships come and drop more troops off, rinse repeat.

After getting picked up by the Falcon, as it drop you off, jump out of the left of the dropship (look to your left as opposed to the right, where the action is happening), run up the stairs, grab a DMR (and maybe even the Armor Lock while you're there) and pick off the initial enemys there. When the next load of dropships come, high tail it indoors where Kat is and cower in a corner (srsly) until Kat's done with the door.

Next section, straight away, grab a new DMR and *IMPORTANT* do not leave the doorway you started at.
The Zealot firing at you with that concussion wants you to have a bad day, so evade for the time being and stay where you're at. Moving up on him will cause him to run away, and the focus here is to keep him where he is at and kill him there.

Poke out with the DMR and nail the grunts and jackals, but let some get close. Hopefully after they are all close enough one will have dropped a plasma pistol close to you. Grab that sucka and go all noob combo on that Zealots behind.
Reason for killing that Zealot here is, there should one be one, yes ONE Zealot at the end. Unfortunatly, it's the one with the energy sword >_<
Plow through the grunts and get to the final room. Make short work of the grunts here from AFAR, then when the elite is the only thing left, run under the arch to entice him over.
The thing you want to aim for here is to get him to chase you all the way back up to Jorge, but he's horribly fast, so be careful. Retreat up the stairs where you came from in the corridor and if all went right, Jorge and the elite should start throwing down. While they are duking it out close quarters, sneak up behind the elite *carefully* and assassinate that sucka!

Skip on over to the button and activate that relay. Congrats, you just got mad cR!
Hope that helps anyone, and if I'm a bit vague in any sections let me know, and I'll try my best to clarify :)

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we did the same thing.
ran through the first part pretty easily, drove around and splattered everyone, but during the splatter part one of our members had to get off for about an hour, or it seemed. So the rest of us ran around climbing on the mountains and bridge. Then when our other came back we got air lifted to the top base. Killed those dudes...Cutscene. Walked through the next part pretty easily, then came the final room. We ran back and got the forklift and pushed Jorge up to the open area and blocked off the "hallway" so he couldn't walk back. Me and Jorge sat back taking down the elites armor while the others went in for the final kill. Let me tell you, it was fun and very exciting when we finally pushed that stupid button. Then main part was getting the rest of Noble team to move up to distract and do some of the grunt work. The last section when Jorge closes the door, someone needs to move up on the far left side so Jorge will push forward, bottlenecking the grunts and elite in the hallway. Then all you do is clean them up with grenades.