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IroniumCostuming said:
all i can say is, when i finish my "Irony Man" im making me and my friend tom and guy!
Awesome. And a quick update. My Ginormis thomas helmet has been messed up, and will most likely be redone(at 290mm not 300mm), and ive added padding to my little brothers thomas. only resined once, but i found some closed cell foam in my house and went a little pad-happy.

Brothers Darkness said:
does it lookeh like this?

Yea, i think so.

I'd check, but im too lazy. :p
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SizkoJ said:
thanks so much for these. the old ones were so hard to build what with the reversed folds and all
No prob.Im here to help.

(plus im gonna be doing these too. XP)
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