Thor Ragnarok Shield w/ mini smoke machines & lights

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I am still working on the tutorial for the mini smoke machines: Mini Smoke Machines | Miss Boof Cosplay
The template and design was created by me, for my Thor Ragnarok Cosplay. I made a bunch of props for this thing, but I doubt this forum wants to be spammed with all of them. The shield was a lot of fun to put together and was a huge learning curve.
Inside of the shield - in process
This is how I wove the EL Wire throughout the shield. The nice thing is the EL Wire was so thin, the cuts in the shield just kind of close right up and held the EL Wire in place. I added hot glue on the back of the cuts just to ensure the wires didn't snag anything.
This is the inside of the shield. I hid the weaving EL wire by cutting out a circle of 5mm foam in the shape of a circle and contact cementing it down, then a few coats of PlastiDip, and added some storage boxes for snacks and my cell phone and wallet.

Oh really?! Well thanks! My instagram is MissxBoof. I figure I will slowly add posts here if people are interested. I am starting to plan out my next build, which will be a spartan mashup and I'm pretty excited to share.
post it alllllll
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