Thread for sharing 3D modelling tips.

Hey guys, i see small questions get asked all the time and usually posted as a thread, so I thought it'd be easier if we started a thread dedicated to sharing 3D modelling tips.

I'll start. How do you guys make your 3D models ready for the printer?

My process uses Blender, starting with a low poly (copy n' paste) of the existing model (without any modifiers), scaling it down, even more so in certain areas to avoid overlapping vertexes before joining them at the opening (Neck for helmets) then selecting the inside faces and adding a subdivision modifier, so there's no hard surfaces inside.

The downside is that if you don't scale the areas correctly, you'll either waste filament in the 3d printing process, or have too thin of walls that affects structural integrity of the model.

I have seen some models with are just extruded internally (would that be intruded? ) But they only really benefit if you keep all those faces sharp since smoothing in blender is a pain in the gluteus maximus.

That brings me to my other point. Ever wrapped a car in vinyl? Thats essentially the subdivision modifier in blender.

Its not so much bevelling the areas into a round shape more than it is actually stretching the geometry between your selected edges. Add more "surface", the less stretching.

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