The thundergun build has commenced, fully modeled by myself to a frightening degree of accuracy or atleast that was intended. Ill actually end up removing some of the details in order to make it 3d printable haha, still working on the display design but i like what i have so far, going to begin printing as soon as i can.


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Finally managed to get the model itself finished and fully sliced. Some changes had to be made to certain parts in order to make it more durable. Got some parts printed out, only a few parts are assembled, most of them are just loose right now. Also got my order of braided tubing for the back tubing.


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Kind of lazy so im using a big steel pin, square file, and long drill bit all for different inner supports since i need it to be stronger. The pin still needs to be cut down, and the steel emt tubing im running through the back half and into the stock also needs to be cut down to size.
Got more parts printed, currently im only focused on printing the gun itself, but the client and i have talked about a potential display and extra ammo, but that will have to come after the gun. Currently am only missing 2 main parts for the gun minus a few tiny detail bits, still have to cut all the metal bits to length, but thankfully it seems that with the steel inserts, the main frame will be fairly strong, hopefully strong enough to support the front end of the gun...will update once i got the rest of the bits printed, going to make a youtube video on the parts and finishing plans too, over on my channel
Uhh quick update. In the laborius and time consuming spray painting stage, i have several part sprayed and ready for handpainting but some of the real big parts require several sprayed colors, these are taking much longer, im planning on doing some of the handpainting soon in the meantime. Next update should be during or after handpainting.
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