Props Thundercats Sword of Omens Build


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I have a file of the sword of omens, the guy thaqt made it is a big NOOB at at, but im going to see if i can make it. here what i got



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could you upload the pep file ? im actually thinking on cosplaying liono soon :D and this would save me hours of work
Gonna take a look at it and see whats wrong or if I can help out, but why the hell is the file over 7mb? most pep files I have are less than 1mb.


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Hello! I'm a noob. *waves* Good work on the blade! Better than I can probably do. A friend of mine and I are dying to try this. I think I already have the file, but there's a password and Pepakura designer won't open it. If you could tell me how to open the file I would be very gratful. Even if the file is messed up, I want to try anyway. :)