Thy Geekdom Con 2024

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Rock Lobbster

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Hello hello everyone! It's about that time of the year to start thinking about summer conventions
(Even though we may still be getting snow) Now its all rain!

I want to get a quick headcount for Thy Geekdom Con 2024 here in Philadelphia, PA before I start reaching out regarding booth space

Booth C101 - 102: 12x24 space with a table and area for taking photos
Badges are Included for Members at the Booth
Please respond to the poll and either send me a DM or drop a message below so I can make sure you get a badge!
When: May 24-26 2024
Where: Greater Philadelphia Expo Center 100 Station Ave, Oaks, PA 19456
Quick Facts:
  • 5600 attendees last year
  • Free parking
  • Free pass with booth participation
Vendor Hours
Friday 3pm-10pm
Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 10am-6pm


If you're attending please drop a response in the poll! I've had a lot of fun at this con over the past 2 years and look forward to seeing more friends there!
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I'm not too far from that and would love to go. it looks like it might narrowly be available to me. I don't have a costume yet, so I am trying to put one together before-hand, otherwise, I might just come as a handler/support if possible.
UPDATE: We will have a table and an area for taking photos in! Main thread post has been updated. If you plan to attend Thy Geekdom don't forget to respond to the poll and drop a message in this thread (I can't see who answered the poll) so I can make sure you get a pass!
Lobb, I would absolutely love to. Gotta narrow down and see what requests are off for that weekend. If I can make it work, would love to.
Lobb, I would absolutely love to. Gotta narrow down and see what requests are off for that weekend. If I can make it work, would love to.
Memorial day ends up being a real pain in the rear to work around! Hope to see you there!
Update: Booth location and numbers have been added. We're in the cosplay section at booths C101 & C102, it'll be the back left of the con near the cars and guests!
Badge Pickup:
I will be at the con early to setup the booth and get everything ready to go. When you arrive at the con either give me a call or send me a message on Discord and I can bring a pass to you!
My discord is @lobbster
Thanks to everyone who came out to volunteer at the booth and who stopped by to say hello! We COMPLETELY ran out of our business cards so I'm hoping to see some enthusiastic new members looking to build their character soon!
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