Time..bondo.. Shaping


Alright I was hoping to have more time to shape with bondo, so it looks nice and smooth and round in the parts that are round (so like..nearly the whole suit..) but time is cutting close, figure today for fiberglassing - and it should be done today - 9 days until it needs to be done, cutting it more closely I'd like it done in 7.

So... I have med def files from .. oh some link in this site somewhere, won't bother digging it up or anything, I am sure you know what they are.

The question is.. how long do you think it will take to shape all the parts , and how much bondo? 1 gal? 2? 17,587? (ok maybe if i was makin an army, some warthogs, some mongoose, and about 3,000 grunts...)

I think I am willing to just bondo glaze putty some of the corners and sand it smooth and prime it and go as/is like that - then come back and do more. (If that's possible... will bondo in the future stick to Primed work? non painted though...)

What do you guys and gals think, go for the full on now because there's "plenty of time" or just prime the sucka and no one will care cuz it'll still be sweet work for a 'ween costume? or maybe, a little of both? shape the helmet, and torso (two most obvious parts) then maybe thighs cuz they have some odd bends in them from pepping... make them more rounded.... and go like that?

Eh Just needing some time frames here, if some Vets (persons who have finished at least 1 suit before now) say there's plenty of time, take the time and get it pretty now, then I'll do it, but if the general feeling is "your running out of time, get what you can" then I'll go the part-by-part method- what get's done get's done (focusing on the Heavy parts first - the ones taking the longest to rebuild.)


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I'm new to this but I suggest mixing the 2 options. You got 9 days. Take your time and do one piece at a time. Focusing on the main pieces, starting with the helm. Keep goingand if you finish a piece 1-2 days before your deadline, stop, unless you feel confident you can do a piece in 1-2 days.


I am hoping there is plenty of time, but I hate rushing - and I am getting that rushed feeling now - I already cut one of the main things out of my suit - - - The gun. I never pepped it, it's printed out and all that but I decided "get the armor done first" which turns out to of been a wise move. I'll be weaponless - but most the places I plan to go won't allow even fake guns (even with the safety tips) in, so it would just be magnetically held to my back anyway, and probably get stolen or lost.

Instead my weapon of choice will be a bottle of Vodka. Mmm Tastey. (and no I don't support under age drinking - so none of you better do that unless your of legal age and state of mind.)

I am nearly done glassing - going to go over some stress points in the chest/back with fiberglass cloth, a few points in the cod as well, and I need to Matt the right bicept and both forearms (man are those going to be a pain.. I may have to cut them open to matt...) but then it's fully glassed and ready for trimming/fitting/bondo.

I lucked out, my "10 piece buckles" actually had 12 in them, and with some creative new strappin I may not need them, going to use.. I believe 10 as normal, but a little different on how to connect some of the parts.

Undersuit still has not arrived...if by the 28th it's not here Iam going to have to buy sweat pants and deal with it.

I think i have decided after many hours and playing with the bondo that ill just thin coat it, sand it real smooth and if it looks a little polygon-like I can live with it. The chest is a bit large, so it doesn't fit perfect, other parts have issues, but yea, itll work for this 'ween and with more work, look even better next year.