TITANFALL 2 pepakura unfolds?

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    Hey everyone, i have recently ripped a grapple pilot model from the game Titanfall 2. I have the models and i was wondering if anyone, would be willing to do a pep or foam unfold. If anyone is interested I can rip other pilot models for cosplay and post them here too.

    NOTE: Also in the folder you will download is a few weapons. I have the lights on the shoulder and the helmet in separate models because i was going to 3D print them. The lights on the back of this shins are the same as the ones on the shoulders, so if you make those for a costume make 4 instead of 2. Just saying this stuff so you guys understand why the extra files are there.

    Grapple pilot by BEEWE3 . - 4shared
    Thanks in advance!

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