To The Space Marine Makers

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For the people on the forums that have made a pace Marine or are in the progress of building a Space Marine if you would please contact me. By e-mail via my profile because I have something for each of the people that have been making a Space marine for the last few weeks I have been making Purity Seals from Fiberglass resin to go on the armor. I already know Deathcoreknight, Amancue, Samuray, and Judge have been building a suit but for anyone else the four names along with yours will be recieving a Purity Seal for the suit. In the e-mail please provide your Username and real name and address so I can get the Purity seals mailed out this week. Not bad for a first time casting of the seal in the image below.

Hi Nintendude,

I've started working on a suit - shoulder and helm pepped but needing a bit of rework, I'll PM you when it's in a more 'complete' state and see if you've got any spare bits and bobs lying around :D

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