to those who are interested

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to those who dont know what SF vs. MK is, goto youtube or google and look it up, its a flash animation by none other than Proxicide.
until recently, the famous Proxicide had made his last sequel to the series of SF vs. MK, an ultimate win by Shin Akuma (lvl 2) and Ryu against Proxicides own Chameleon.
now, to those that are expecting a new SF vs. MK, it aint coming from Proxicide cuz hes done with that...
but im not. I am willing to spend my time over the weekends rather than chucking a ball at some hoop or shooting a puck into a net, i will spend my time on the next installment of SF vs. MK.
i had thought of a storyline that would prove to be entertaining, and with a faboulous finish that concludes the animation as well.

Cast of characters:
1. Protagonist: Ryu Hoshi
2. Antagonisht: (Robot) Smoke
3. Minor Characters: Sub-Zero
4. Akuma

yes, Ryu will fight Smoke for only one reason; to find his way back to the realm of Capcom. And Smoke stands in the way. Sub-Zero and Akuma appear in the end.

Programs in which im going to use:
Photoshop 7
ImageReady 7
Gimp 2.4
Windows Movie Maker
and if possible, the Macromedia Flash Creator or something of the like

photoshop for the lighting effects as such but most of the animation is going to come from Gimp.

Yes, this will be Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat 4.
if this is successful, we may look into future installations to the series.

but for the most part, i need help. im very new to this kind of thing, to manipulate the sprites and to make them move the correct way and the sound syncronization and as such. if anyone that is willing to help make this dream a reality, PM me and we can sort things out. And of course full credit to those who help and to those who post tips and tricks and as such.

Im starting to work around with Ryu's sprites and manipulate them with the hadouken fireballs and such...but im having trouble mass ripping sprites from Mortal Kombat Warehouse
( ) for Smoke. I am not going to rip them sprite by sprite unless it is the only option i have.

if ur interested, PM me and we can think of things there...
thanks to those who read and to those who are willing to help.

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