Today's Rant Will Be.... (26/12/2014)

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Alright, I'm going to be doing one of these a week, Spartans. Basically, these posts will be informative entries and insights into my thoughts, as I begin working towards my goals (whatever they may be). These posts will also be used to explain things to people in methods that I normally wouldn't be able to use in normal threads - mainly as these sorts of things can't be stickied like normal threads might be, and so will serve as a permanent archive to things people will need to know, going forward. I may even begin to develop a blog set here for people who are interested in learning how to 3D model for the first time, and said posts will be cross-linked and updated as I can manage.


Today's Rant is 'Begging' - specifically, people constantly asking me for files and such.

I work incredibly hard to get the files people want onto the 405th Database. I have spent many hours working on getting the system for the Raw Models sections intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to use. I've spent many more hours extracting the content for these archives and making sure those files are up to the exacting standards the 405th expects - as have many other 3D modellers who have been kind enough to allow us to use and enjoy their works.

What disappoints and annoys me, is when I receive messages from people, or see topics on the main board, asking or demanding files - files that, more often than not, already exist in the main archive. I'm losing count of the number of times I've had to take time from whatever I'm doing to point people in the right direction, especially when these files are easy to find. I'm also beginning to tire of explaining to people exactly why the 405th doesn't support the discussion of content extraction, especially when the answer should be self-evident.

Therefore, my responses to the following issues are:

  • Firstly: don't come to me, asking for a file, if you haven't already thoroughly scoured the Database first. If it doesn't exist on the Database, I am more than willing to make sure that it eventually does make its way there - however, please be aware that we're still reconstructing the Database, and some files are still missing. Be patient, look around first, and if your exhaustive research has come up with nothing, then feel free to ask me for the file. I do not exist simply to hand out files because you're too lazy to do the legwork - chances are that if you're too lazy to look for resources, you're also going to be too lazy to get your costume finished, so consider your motives well before starting.
  • Secondly: Owning 3D assets skirts a 'grey line' with Microsoft. It's outside of their ToS to alter or otherwise meddle with their products to obtain these files, but for now 343i and Microsoft seem to be happy enough to let us use their files under the assumption that we're using them only for the express purpose of costuming and 3D artwork - we're not interested in fracturing that relationship by explaining to people how to crack into their products and obtain these files for themselves. The documentation for obtaining these files yourselves exists out there on the Internet, but it will not be discussed here on the 405th.

I hope this has proven illuminating. Until next time, Spartans.
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