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hey its spartansoldier6 and i had a good idea on your armour before you use card stock and waste it.. first off you gotta have the right scaleing process which is in our form. * this is if your using pepakura*


***quick scale : (your hieght, in this case im 5'8)(dont forget to add 3 inches to your hieght) 6'1*12=73.2 73.2/86=0.85611 30.342*0.85611=25.97608***

#1. Before you use card stock use regualr paper just put it together and try it on because if you use card stock and it dont fit your just wasting good paper

#2. Also make sure you have the right scaling process(i found that out the hardway)

#3. If your going to create a mc helmet or mc chest always add 3 inches to your height i tryed my regular height and 3 inches to my hieght the 3 inches worked out perfectly.

#4. I personaly just started so if your like me (a noob) listen to people who did it because you dont know what the heck your doin

#5. Before you ask question look on forums to see if your question was already posted

#6.Dont use office paper (1) because when you put resin on it the whole helmet will get messed up unless suported by card board but its not recommended

#7i. if your goin to do your project and you say your doing it post pictures so that we know if your doing it right and if your not we could give you tips on how to fix it ( i would post pictures but my camera is broken)

*i'll update when i have more to say*

**you can ask me some questions because i've been reading most of the forum so i might be able to answer most of your questions**


i don't agree with number one...
if you do that you waste the paper then use up the card.
if you use card the first time you will either get it right (and not waste anything) or get it wrong and then you'll still be using the same amount as your way.
other than that i think you got everything right.
oh and you do know the formula for scaling don't you?
yeha i know the scale... but still if you bought 120 pages of card stock and you have like 1000 peices of regualr paper you use the reg paper as the tester because your just wasting good paper that you need for the final project not sumthing your just playing around with


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I wouldnt try your first attempt with printer paper, it will just fall apart and your work will go to waste, go with cardstock. Plus, we already have a scaling thread, if people need to learn to scale, they can just go read the sticky.
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