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Touching up REACH ODST helmet

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by CaminusPrime, May 15, 2018.

  1. CaminusPrime


    Hey all, got a bit of a challenge for anyone interested.

    Essentially I've got this Reach style odst helmet which is a great looking file however its missing a few details. including the lines over the top and chin areas of the helmet & some areas on the sides.

    If anyone with some 3D modelling experience wants to touch up these details, maybe smooth it out and add some thickness to it to even make it 3D printable i think it could be a really nice piece!

    I'm attaching a few files in this zip folder including the original pepakura files, there's a pepakura file with the textures as well, and some .obj files I've got for it.

    I currently don't have the skill to modify it myself however going to work towards learning but if someone has the time to fix this up and share it id really appreciate it!

    Attached Files:

  2. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    SOLD. I'll take a look at this later on today. Do you have a reference image with the details that you're wanting added?
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  3. CaminusPrime


    Yeah I’m currently out at the moment but I’ll highlight the details added and upload some photos. one of the pepakura files also has the texture from halo reach for reference.
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  4. Kusak3


    I really need to up my skills on this kind of stuff. Currently working on building a Reach ODST. Helmet would be a nice addition to what I have already gotten my hands onto. I pulled down what you had up and was looking at trying to separate the re breather and the visor shield to make them easier to print but meshmixer says no. I can skin it easy enough to make it printable but. Yeah smoothing and what not are still things I have not mastered and or made much headway on.
  5. CaminusPrime


    sorry for the delay so basically adding the detail in these sections that I've outlined plus the lines that trace the helmet. Heres some images of the specific sections I'm looking to have added

    all good dude! after searching through piles of these models this is my favourite personally. my pepakura undold is attached if you want to try and make it in that method. check out my odst build thread or instagram to see how well that came out because its come out really well hand crafted. im just looking for that extra step to make it higher quality and hell if you want to try practising some 3d skills perhaps this is a decent model to play around with! theres a model attached with the rebreather and visor shield too with those gaps filled in :) for the pepakura build i just left them out and hand made pieces to fill.

    Good luck to both of you :)
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  6. Kusak3


    I will be playing with it in time. But finishing the files for my shins and thighs are first. I have a dutch and a rookie odst helmet that I sized and printed for myself from models that I got from dutch props.
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