Props Toy MP7 Conversion to M7 SMG


Obligatory Greetings, compatriots.

I've been working on other assorted bits and pieces but this is the only thing I'm ready to show off as of yet. I've had this toy H&K MP7 (shown below) for months, I had plans to repaint and weather it but I never got to that point. Anyways, I sorta decided on a whim to turn it into an M7 and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out after a few hours of hack-sawing and hot gluing.

Mostly untouched MP7 (I'd pulled out a speaker which made and incredibly obnoxious sound)

As you can quite plainly see below there's still a lot of fixing and tidying to do, for example the receiver is about an inch too long, but that's what my hacksaw is for ;). As I said before I'm already pretty happy, I ran around the house with it pretending I was an ODST - because I'm a mature adult.


As always, even the harshest of [constructive] criticism is welcome.

Until next time, I shall bid you adieu.


Little detail on the side mag would go a long way.

Agreed! Thanks for the tip.

Update Time.
I had been meaning to do an update earlier but I've been busy with another build. The reason I started this in the first place was I was waiting for a coat of primer to dry.
The image below shows where I'm at with this. Still needs a lot of work and I need to rebuild the mag entirely because it's supposed to be like a plate with a narrower chunk on top.




Phew! Can't believe it's been almost a month.

After finding some bits left over from a repaint project (which is poking it's stock into the bottom right of the pic), I decided somewhat on-the-fly to make this an M7S rather than just a regular M7. It's to go with the other build I mentioned earlier which I have been meaning to do a post on but once I get stuck in, I have trouble stopping to take pictures!

It's still rough around the edges but is still recognizable from a distance. I completely rebuilt the mag because I was quite unhappy with my earlier attempt. Next up for this build is some more paint and a bit of weathering.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the M7S. I'd much rather be rockin' a carbine, DMR, or an MA5C. But I'm saving stuff like that for after I come back from holiday.

Until next time, I shall bid you adieu.
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