Transforming a Movie Optimus Prime helmet into G1 Optimus

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ive been building and rebuilding my G1 optimus prime suit for about 4 years now, always out of cardboard. as a result, its always very square, which isnt a problem for the body, but makes a funny looking head. this time around i decided to take an existing Optimus Prime helmet and skin it to make it look like G1 optimus.

heres the unmodded helmet


heres the modded helmet, while test fitting some cardstock pieces for skinning.


the masking tape is just there to hold the pieces on while i fit them.

im still working on a few pieces, namely the mohawk. after a lot of reviewing of the old TV show, i saw that the top is square and the bottom is diamond shaped, so ill have to redo the front of the mohawk to fit that. also, it looks like the front spikes on the top of his head are closer to the face than they are on the movie optimus. im debating on cutting them off and making new ones closer to the front.

opinions on the work thus far? and suggestions on the two changes im debating?
this nice but probably shouldnt be in show room cause it is not finished. ask a mod to move it to pepakura.

but it is looking really clean and smooth.
like a babys
Ironcobra3000 said:
Where did you get that helmet? :shock:
I want one...

any toystore or walmart. if you want the one with the real Optimus voice, go to toys r us. everyone else has generic talking voice.

link4044 said:
i would angle the mohawk just alittle also

which way, slanted back or forward?
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looks good but the only thing you are doin is putting cardboard over the normal mask. maybe you can start from scratch and do in.(wouldnt be hard)
xalener said:
Great helmet! You're gonna have to change the eye color to blue, If you want 100% G1.

my last helmet had blue lights in it to make the eyes blue, but since this helmet is going to be for my Black and Gold New Orleans Saints transformer, i dunno if im doing blue eyes this time around. its still up in the air.

Damien said:
looks good but the only thing you are doin is putting cardboard over the normal mask. maybe you can start from scratch and do in.(wouldnt be hard)

i made a few from scratch in the past, this time around im saving time by re-skinning this helmet, plus i wanted to use the voice changing unit in this helmet, but didnt feel like disassembling it and installing it into one of my old helmets.
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That is some really fine work there. I wonder if I might be able to get the specifications, patterns and so forth for the helmet pieces. I've tried my hand at making some of those pieces but have had no luck as of yet. I used some white mat board and attached the pieces using scotch tape. Any tips would be much appreciated.

PS I would agree with the choice to flip the mowhawk piece around.
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