Traviss or Nylund?

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I just got finished reading the Kilo 5 trilogy hand my goodness Ive added a few new favorite characters to my roster. I picked up Ghosts of Onyx recently (which I probably should have read before Glasslands but oh well) and I noticed the Nylund's writing style seems to flow more smoothly with my reading style than Traviss. It might have just been from the fact that Mortal Dictata drags on a bit but it raises an interesting point about reading that different writing styles flow better with different people. Has anyone else noticed this?
Nylund over Traviss any day.
Well Cadet i have to go with Traviss, but just slightly over Nylund. He gives great insight into physics and theory, while Traviss really can build up characters (not always, sure). I was very impressed by republic commando - the books were almost even better than the game! I cried when Etain died, never had such a moment reading a book.....

But that's another franchise.
Her Story about Cortanas battle with the Gravemind in Halo: Evolutions gives great insight in an A.I.s mind, diving deep into the soul of a beloved character. (First Contact comes close, but there's more happening in that book, so the A.I.s development isn't explained in such a depth)
I have to clarify that I was disappointed by the Kilo Five Story, compared to what she wrote before.....but I am looking at more than the halo universe here. Nylund is better in Science, she is better at fiction - that's how I put it :)

If anyone knows if the Imperial Commando Saga by Traviss continued after the 1st book - let me now!
Nylund is better because with out him we wouldn't have a halo lore this deep because he was the father of the halo books and you can't rewrite that from the history books 343.
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