TRF / tx renaissance festival/ comp tix /NOW available !!!!

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YES kiddies the comp tix are in !!! , i have a short stack of FREE tickets for the fair again. Same deal as last year , post [here] that you need tix how many and what apx weekend you will be coming , then PM with NAME [real one not your call sign ] the tickets will be at the WILLCALL [vip window you will need ID to pick them up ] at the fair [ .. those that came last year seem to have a good time !! PS i did not save the list from last year, so even if i know you, i still need your info for the TIX ! the show runs oct 9th thru nov 28th , weekends ONLY . looking 4ward to see'n more 405th this year ! . Slayer [wasp1] And the lady Spice .
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Great! I look forward to seeing what you have done to Slayer's castle. Not sure which week I'll be down yet, but we will be there. Kids had a great time. So please hold 4 tickets. I'll PM you also.

This is one of the the biggest if not the biggest Renaissance Faire's in the country. If you enjoy going to them then this one is one not to miss.

I even saw a Storm Trooper there last year on the weekend I went.
OK site problem . IF it wont let you PM ,email !!! got you coverd Burk .. scott weekend you usaly have darth MC vader and the mc Clone clan !!!!stormtroopers in kilts !
sence D'con is over im pushin this post up [not a double post ] hay burk can you let the other guys know the tix are up .
this is just a conferm .. these people have tix ready at will call , The tix will be there thru the run of the show and can be picked up on any weekend during the run , if i left you off the list thats cuz i dont have a real name to leave them under , Adam ,Charles,John and Burk , remember to bring id to pick up the tix ... BTW there are still more left !
I need 7 tickets or whatever less that you will give.
Im going with Ronster.

It wont let me PM you. :(

Going Nov 6th...
lampoon or ronster , read back so you know what going on my email is and lampoon welcome to the group [wow first post !!] see membership has its privileges !!!
last year halo-ween eve

last years halloween eve , candy toss "they have see thier future "
poor Russian ,LA is a short drive [by my standards] lol . BTW TRF is the largest renfair in the US, almost 2sq miles .
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