Trimming the fiberglass

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Maj Pain

Hey guys, I just got done fiberglassing and i think i did a less than stellar job because most of my pieces have shards of glass poking out all over the place. My question to the community is what tool or tools could i use to cut the shards? Also I glassed the chest and backpack together and had some unexpected warping so now i would like to cut them apart. Any suggestions on as to how i could get a clean cut? I really don't want to buy a dremel, I don't want to go over budget. The glassing job is thin (only one layer) if that helps with suggestions. Thanx in advance.
I only had 1 layer of fiberglass on the inside so I actually used large scissors for most of the trimming. On the tight corners, I've been using a mat knife (which is just a fancy box cutter really). It's thicker than an exacto and has a lot of smooth cutting power.

I've also been using sanding blocks to get the little tiny spikes flat.

I have a dremel and a multipurpose bit but I haven't actually needed to use it despite the rough edges I've encountered while making my pieces.

You can see how spiky one of my pieces was and where I just cut with some plain ol' house tools. (This is a pic from a tut I did a while ago)


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