Tucker from RvB MkVI First Ever Build!


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Hey guys! I'm looking for feedback here. This was my first ever build. What did I do well and what could I improve? I have a comic con coming up in April that I'd love to attend as Tucker but I'd like to make some improvements before I go. I'm going to be adding a voice modulator/amplifier because when I wore it for Dragon Con I realized it was hard for people to hear me. I'm also going to improve the buckle connection I have for my thigh pieces and the chestplate. Thanks guys!!


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Welcome to the 405th! Your Tucker looks great. You've already got lighting in the armour and edge weathering which is great. My main feedback, to supplement the edge weathering, would be to do a mud wash. With that, it's just taking some black and/or brown acrylic, watering it down and applying it to the armour, then dabbing/wiping it away so most of what's left falls in the crevices.
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