Tutorial: How To Make Good Folds For Pepakura Armor

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Iceman29, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Iceman29

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    Pepakura Folding Tutorial

    This is a tutorial on how to fold the lines on Pepakura correctly and clean.

    1. The supplies for this folding method that you will need are:
    - 2 pens (try using 2 different colors) (EX: Red & Black)
    - 1 ruler (metal rulers work best for this)

    2. First you must assign the pens to a certain fold. (remember you must keep them the same through out the process)


    Red Pen = Valley fold lines

    Black Pen = Mountain fold lines

    **NOTE: In some cases it is seen that a models valley fold and mountain fold line style is swapped to the opposite line style**

    3. Cut out the piece you are going to be folding.

    4. Set up the Ruler so it is parallel to the line you are going to score, make sure that it is a bit close, as seen here:
    5. Then, your going to want to take the pen you assigned to valley fold or mountain fold and go over the line 3 or 4 times pressing semi hard with the ruler as a guide to keeping the pen straight and on the original line.

    6. Once you have done that, you may fold the paper accordingly to come out as a nice clean fold.



    Pepakura Folding Tutorial Option #2

    *CAUTION* This next folding technique requires the use of sharp utensil's so please be very careful upon doing this.
    ( I am not responsible for any injury's that can occur! )

    This next tutorial is for all you veteran folders out there who don't feel the need to use pens in order to fold your armor.
    (So if you are a first time folder I suggest you look at the first tutorial of this topic to learn more.)

    Alright then, some of the things your going to need for this procedure are:
    -An X-acto Knife
    -a couple of spare X-acto blades
    -One metal ruler
    -Something to work on that will not allow the pressure of scoring to bleed through onto a nice table/counter top.

    1. First, cut out the piece that you will be scoring.

    2. Next, Position the piece so that there is enough room to move your X-acto knife and arms freely.

    3. Then, taking the Blunt or sharp side of the X-acto knife, you'll need to gently make a small crease, using the ruler as a guide. Its your choice on whether or not to use the blunt or sharp side, but my advice is to use the blunt side, to ensure that you don't cut the flap off.

    4. After you have done your score you may now fold your paper to its proper shape.


    UPDATED AS OF 1/13/09
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  2. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Nice tutorial, Thanks!
  3. link4044

    link4044 Sr Member

    short and sweet
  4. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    yup, thats what I was going for.

    especially when I saw all of this Pepakura Armor everyone was making, and how bad the folding was. I just had to teach everyone the art of folding.
  5. Long Shot

    Long Shot Member

    Some ppl are just lost in folding, but you have shown me the light, i must obey, protect, and serve
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  6. Chuck 126

    Chuck 126 Jr Member

    You and I came up with the same idea, so I have a couple things to add.

    First, I recommend a metal ruler (which I see you used but didn't mention). You'd be surprised at what constant tracing will do to a plastic ruler. I never thought it was possible to wear out a protractor.

    Second, it helps to have something underneath your pattern pieces as you trace to get a nice, deep score. This can be a piece of cardboard or a couple pieces of cardstock. Just make sure what you're using doesn't have too much give because otherwise your lines will start curving slightly.
  7. malcomtidus

    malcomtidus Jr Member

    Very nice information, I may use it.
  8. SPARTAN 094

    SPARTAN 094 Active Member

    Ok, I have a question on Mountain and Valley folds do you fold Valley Down and Mountain Up right?
  9. Long Shot

    Long Shot Member

    Thats correct

    Mountaint ^
    ^ ^
    ^ ^

    v v
    v v
  10. starfox64

    starfox64 Member

    when i heard about scoring i thought with a knife??
    this helps alot
  11. Spartan 270

    Spartan 270 Well-Known Member

    Nice tutorial. (y)
  12. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    No, you fold Valley Folds up so that it looks like a valley ( it slopes down)

    Mountain Folds go down because they form a mountain shape

    Just look here

    Mountain folds are in Black
    Valley Folds are in Red

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  13. SPARTAN 094

    SPARTAN 094 Active Member

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  14. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    no problem, just remember to use 2 different pens so that it reminds you which way to fold (y)
  15. Redsleighdown

    Redsleighdown Well-Known Member

  16. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    LOL, thanks
  17. Frizzlefry

    Frizzlefry Active Member

    Poor Iceman, little do you know that even with a sticky thread tutorial everyone will still PM you.

    This is a nice tutorial, though. I scored my first armor with an X-Acto knife instead of a pen. I was pretty scared about cutting through the paper, but it never happened.
  18. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    Ya, I just learned that.

    I'm still gettin hit PM's. (n)
  19. Spartan118

    Spartan118 Well-Known Member

    I use a metal ruler for my armor and I guess its a graphite ruler because it leaves big streaks all over what I'm folding.So make sure your ruler isn't graphite lol.

    Pepakura Helmate:80%
    Pepakura Chest:0%
    Pepakura Legs:0%
    Pepakura Arms:0%
    Pepakura AR:0%
  20. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    ya, that would be a good idea.

    Mine's just a plain metal, 15 inch ruler. (ya its 15 inches)
  21. SPARTAN 094

    SPARTAN 094 Active Member

    Iceman I love you now my armor looks BADASS :christa:
  22. Iceman29

    Iceman29 Member

    no problem, I beat its pretty tight. :ha:
  23. ShadowSniper

    ShadowSniper Member

    Spartan 118, I don't think your ruler is graphite. I had the same problem with mine, the pencil streaks along where the edge was, and for mine it was just that the edge had picked up graphite when the pencils rubbed against it. Try wiping it off with a wet cloth and see if that stops those lines.
  24. Spartan118

    Spartan118 Well-Known Member

    Yep thats probably it because my mom does portraits and she uses it allot...I cant believe i didn't think about that...ty :)
  25. blinkava44

    blinkava44 Well-Known Member

    how do u no what a valley or mountain fold is.. do the dashes mean anything? or just "fold here"

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