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Tutorial Index

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by PerniciousDuke, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I've been working on this for a while now (with mblackwell1002 's help). It is a list of tutorials that are already on this site, but hard to find. Not anymore!

    I will update this list as often as good tutorials pop up. If your tutorial doesn't make it that doesn't mean it is not good. I use community feedback as a criteria for a tutorial in the index. Criteria = If more than two people comment on your tutorial saying that it was helpful to them (or they say it was a well written tutorial) and it must include non-blurry, unbroken pictures or videos.

    *Disclaimer - I am not the creator of these tutorials so please do not ask questions on this page. Tutorials never die so you can post in the original threads ...But know, some tutorials are very old and you may never get a response from the original poster (OP)*

    Bio Cards (Halo 4/5) – WandererTJ
    [TUTORIAL] Personalized Halo 4 UNSC Bio Cards (Image Editing)

    Scaling (Mk VI) - HaloGoddess

    HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial

    Scaling (Methods 1, 2 & 3) – Xtreme TACTICS 101

    How to Scale Your Armour- Tutorial V.2

    Scaling (Digital Overlay) - SpitFire22V
    Tutorial: Simple Armor Scaling

    Scaling (DuckTape Dummy) - Bamabat
    Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial

    Pepakura Designer (Silloutte Cameo) – RobotChicken

    Silhouette Cameo Pepakura Video Tutorial by RobotChicken

    Pepakura Designer (Unfolding PDO) – Satchmo III
    Unfold tutorial (Satchmo III)

    Pepakura Designer (Program & Printing) – FrozenSnot

    Link in Resource Archive

    Pep Method (Supply Guide) – Ithica

    Complete Noob List

    Pep Method (Fiberglass & Resin) – jaysmith
    My Resin And Fiberglass Tutorial

    Pep Method (Resin, Rondo and Bondo) - Cereal Killer
    CEREAL'S - Making Master Chief - ** A Step By Step Tutorial (My Way) **

    Pep Method (Smoothing) - Sigma LS

    Pep Method (Overview) - Spitfire22V

    All-In-One New Member Introduction Guide

    Foam (Supply Guide) - WanderTJ

    [FOAM] [GUIDE] List of Options for Supplies, Tools, and Methods Used for Foam Builds

    Foam (General/Suit) - CommandoTNT
    Helioskrill Foam Armor Build Tutorial! (Pics included!)

    Foam (Techniques) - drack
    Foam Technique Tutorials

    Foam (Shoulder) - EVAkura
    Detailed construction tutorial: FOAM H4 MC Shoulder Armor (NEW template! File within)

    Foam (H4 Bicep) - EVAkura
    Detailed construction tutorial: Halo 4 MK VII Foam Biceps (file in the 405th db)

    Foam (Reach Bicep) - EVAkura
    Detailed construction tutorial: Reach Foam Biceps [Shoulder] (file in the 405th db)

    Foam (Boots) – Calladar
    Reach Boot Foam tutorial by calladar

    Foam (Sealing & Painting) - mawrTRON
    The mawrTRON Procedure™ - Water Based Paint Tutorial

    Weapons/Props (Grenades) - bikiker

    How to Make Halo Thermal Grenades/Canisters

    Casting (Sculpt and Mold) – Trooper Cooper

    Master Cheeze Sculpting/molding/casting Tutorial

    Casting (Sculpt and Mold) – XRobots
    Tutorial: Sculpt In Clay And Make A Rigid Piece The Same

    Casting (Glove Mold – Blackula727
    Tutorial: How to make a glove mold

    Worbala (on top of Pepakura) – Nephtis
    Worbla on Pepakura (foam free) Tutorial

    Visor (Motorcycle) – Blackula727

    Tutorial: Install & Detail your visor

    Visor (ODST) – Hugh Holder
    Tutorial: ODST Visors (and other useful info)

    Visor (Hex Pattern) - Jme
    Super Inexpensive Hex-Pattern Visor Tutorial

    Visor (Cheap) - Silvabullet
    Silvabullet's cheap visor alternative tutorial guide type thing

    Visor (Dual Layer) – Sean Bradley
    Dual Layer Visor Mini-Tutorial

    Visor (Painting) – Redshirt
    Tutorial: Make & Paint Your Own See-through Visor

    Painting (General/Helmets) - Privateer

    Helmet Painting 101 Privateer Style

    Painting (Quick and Easy) - Adam
    Painting Technique - Version 2

    Painting (Intermediate/Spray Paint) – harican89
    Spraypaint Tutorial for your own HALO Armour. for noobs AND skilled user

    Painting (Shading) - marshon
    Tutorial: Painting systems for realistic results

    Painting (Weathering) - mblackwell1002
    mblackwell's fast, cheap, and informal guide to weathering props

    Undersuit (Neck Seal) - gmflex

    Easy hex pattern neck seal based on Blue Realm pattern

    Undersuit (buying guide) - TJ Wanderer
    Resource Thread - Gloves, Boots, Compression Shirts & Pants, and More

    Electronics (Lights) – Sir Ken
    Tutorial for .99¢ LED flashlight wiring.

    Electronics (Energy Sword Lights) – thatdecade
    Energy Sword Tutorial

    Fitting (Strapping) - DogWizard (images broken, but it is the only Fitting Tut)

    Armor Strapping 101

    Forum (Online Gaming) - PerniciousDuke

    How Do I Join a Game Night
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  2. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    *Space reserved for more content*

    If you find any of the methods discussed to be outdated, please let me know and I may remove it from the list.
  3. Dirtdives


    It would be great if this index could be sent to any new member once they joined......it would save a lot of time and point people in the right direction right out of the gate......this latest rendition of "what to do first" is great. It should be stuck as well.
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  4. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

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