Tutorial Stream: Paint Pals! - February 10th @5:00PM CST

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More focused tutorial streams have been a thing often requested and for our first of 2021 will be focused on painting! Whether you like it or not at some point in your making career you're going to have to do some sort of painting on either a prop, armour piece, your workshop or even a vehicle, all of them will need a fresh coat of paint at some point.

For the Paint Pals tutorial stream we've gathered four different builders with varied artistic backgrounds to join in a stream and share their processes as they work on some projects. Have a question for the Paint Pals about an upcoming project you have? Perfect! Want to learn some cool techniques for making your props pop? Awesome! Just want to hang out and chat? That's all good, the Paint Pals are here for you!

Who are the paint pals you may ask. You may have seen them around but maybe not without the cool new title of Paint Pal. On stream this week will be indigoD0g, NobleofDeath16, RandomRanger and TurboCharizard.

Join in the fun on Twitch this Wednesday February 10th at 5:00PM CST!

If you have a topic you'd like covered in a future Tutorial Stream feel free to leave a suggestion, we're looking at hosting one Tutorial a month to help share the vast wealth of knowledge within the 405th.
Not open for further replies.