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[TUTORIAL]TheHeroTutorials - Using PEPAKURA for FOAM Costume Building

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Basurci, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Basurci

    Basurci New Member

    Using PEPAKURA for FOAM Costume Building

    Part 1 - Intro

    Part 2 - Modifying Pepakura Files To Create Foam Templates

    Part 3 - Using The Templates With The Foam

    Part 4 - Sealing and Paiting Foam Costume Parts
    Coming Soon... :pPP

    These tutorials made not by me. I hope this will be useful. Please Comment,SUbcribe and Rate :pP
    More info at TheHeroTutorials
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  2. Clarkalot

    Clarkalot New Member

    Cant wait for the next video.This will help me out so much. Thanks for this info!
  3. LoneHowler

    LoneHowler Member

    I spotted this on cosplay.com yesterday. Thanks for posting it here :)
  4. stealth

    stealth Member

    Thanks again Nick. It will be the most help for people in this section. I dunno why I can't post a thread in here.
    The next part will be out tonight or tomorrow night. :)
  5. Basurci

    Basurci New Member

    I'm not Nick :D I'm Basurci xDDDDD
  6. stealth

    stealth Member

    Part 2 is up for those interested.
    Thanks again Basurci. :p
  7. cfh935


    Very cool, anwsers a lot of questions
  8. stealth

    stealth Member

    That's good to know :)
  9. stealth

    stealth Member

    Part- 3 has been uploaded and set in first post

    Thanks for updating the Thread Basurci :)
  10. The Shadow Amaazon

    The Shadow Amaazon New Member

    Oh man, I WAS WAITING for the third video. Thank you so much!
  11. dung0beetle

    dung0beetle Well-Known Member

    This should cut down on some "how do I do this" threads.
    Thanks for the tutorials! You foam guys rock!
    This should help me when I model pep files specifically for foam builds. Props to all who have the knack for figuring this stuff out and showing us how to work with new kinds of materials.
  12. stealth

    stealth Member

    np guys.

    I'll try to get the 4th one out.

    I make these because everyone has a right to know how to do something. Not everyone thinks the same way, but when you show them. They will "get it"

    Safe to say the Best learning is through visual.

    please subscribe and thanks for the support from everyone.
  13. stealth

    stealth Member

    sorry for the delay everyone.

    here's is Part 4 - Sealing and Painting
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