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i am planing on making the halo 2 armour but im going to buy the helmet could someone plz send me a tutorial or link to one on this topic or to my email, waleader1@yahoo.com

this is a team effort here.... there really are no tutorials. Well, briar has a small one.... we'll see.
I'm working on a tutorial for strapping details... Dunno' when it'll be done though, there's a lot going-on right now.

I think Rob just finished filming a helmet tutorial.. I'll have to check and see if it's ready for me to run through the editing and get it posted on our site. I'll provide a direct hotlink when it's ready. (ie- you wont have to visit my site to see it).
BTW Good weathering tutorial.
It will be useful in the future, but I really could use that helmet tutorial, any idea when that will be finished?
Sorry if I’m sounding pushy I understand that you have a life and that there are other more important things that you are doing but could you tell me about when I could expect to be able to view the tutorial I would really appreciate it.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
I love that kids suit but the tutorial just isnt enough for me. If i can get my hands on a full part by part guide id quit work and commit to it.
It's all up to you.

What are you good at, any artistic experience?
There are so many options, you need to figure out the method that works best for you.

Some of the more common methods are:

Sculpting - you first create the part in a temporary medium, then create a mold and cast the final part from that.

Vacuum Form plastic - This time you make your part from a more durable material, then stretch melted plastic over it using vacuum.

Fiberglass - first you make the part out of a easy to work with material, then strengthen and seal the part using a layer of fiberglass.

There are examples of each of these methods scattered throughout the forum.
I believe deadguy, corpseguy, and briar, all use the vacuum form method. I think link uses a process similar to the fiberglass method i described above.
Last but not least, I am pretty sure the Nightmare armor uses something along the lines of the sculpting method.

So look around the board and start contemplating what method will fit you best. After you figure that out research the technique like crazy.

Yup, anyplace like ACO or Home Depot should have it.

However a very serious word of warning. Fiberglass can be extremely dangerous to work with. The resin can emit dangerous chemical vapors, and the glass material itself can cause a health risk if particles in the air are inhaled while sanding or grinding the cured surface.

I actually read a post somewhere by the guy who wrote that tutorial, that he required hospitalization because he wasn't cautions enough early on in his armor making.

I would not recommend the fiberglass if this is a basement, first time go at this kind of thing.


i use fiberglass, i wear masks and gloves....i do my castings outside where its well vented at......sometimes i use resin also in my moulds

just make sure that you protect yourself with fiberglass
pyro got a good looking suit. That blue looks hot!

That suit also doesn't look too bulky, and thats good!
Spartan 021 said:
The Icon armor is exactly what I want, color and all. I just dotn have a spare $3,500(i wish i did tho)

$3,500? Christ... thats a bit deep ain't it?
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