TV Head Build


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So I've been interested in a TV head build for several years as an easy/dress-down sort of costume for bumming around cons and my local shops, but I've never been satisfied with the typical PC monitor or TV/VHS combo units that many people have done in recent years. That and I never stumbled across a busted IMac G3. But I finally found a perfect tv set and gutted it and now I'm stuck trying to find a better/more secure way to have it sit on my head. Avernus build

As of now I have a bolt running through a hardhat harness because the tv is too small to fit an entire, or even a partial hardhat assembly into and still fit my head. As it is, my chin is just touching the base of the tv set and my nose is against the front panel. Since the tv set has a lot of dead space on one side, I've tried to counter balance with used tire weights from a local autoshop, but this ends up making the unit very heavy on my neck. Any suggestions on how to stabilize the harness to help alleviate this, or a better solution?