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Twin Tiers Comic Con 2017

Discussion in 'Colonial Regiment' started by Harri51, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. MepeS11


    Got our hotel room booked, about 10 mins from the convention...should be driving up pretty early Friday, may want to do some sight seeing on the way! Plus I'm sure I'll be stopping a few times lol
  2. Harri51


    Awesome! Hope to see you all Friday. If I can't get off I'll be late Friday and I have no clue for Saturday till that week. Again all down to hopeful. I asked about Saturday entry and no answer yet on that. But we are most defiantly set to rock that weekend!
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  3. MepeS11


    Hopefully! The waiting game always sucks lol but guess what I bought today? A red ladle.... :):lol:
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  4. Kusak3


    Crunching away. New thighs are built just need to do finish work on them and get some paint on them. Dutch Helmet is very close to done for me. Mikes is sitting here ready to be delivered to him Just need to tint his visor. Another M6C is in primer stage hope to have it done. MA5C almost done printing. Going to kick out a couple more combat knives as well if any of you are interested. Trying to have a few things along that are quietly available to help finance the trip.
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  5. Harri51


    Combat knife! you are gunna get like my whole budget damn it!........
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  6. MepeS11


    T2C2 Sept. 15th and 16th. 2018
  7. Dirtdives


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