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Im starting to get really mad at the scaling process. First I made a helmet, and it was to small. My head couldn't fit through the bottom. Then, I made another bigger helmet, and my head still wouldn't fit. Then, I tried again with an even bigger one and it was still to small! Am I a bad scaler or do I just have a big upper head? :mad:
Did any of the helmets look good to you? meaning did they look like they would fit you if you could get your head through? If so, you need to trim the neck area of the helmet, many times the helmet will fit you properly, but your head wont fit because of a small neck area, trimming is the key to getting it to fit IF it is correctly scaled.
I have a old helmet from the H2 files, the neck hole was so tiny, only a babies head could fit into it, but the helmet was properly scaled for my height. I had to trim it a bunch and even it still hurts to put on, it scrapes my ears, but it does go on easily.
ya i had to trim my helm too and my head still barely fits... if the helmet looks like its the right scale then you can always trim thing on it, this applys to all the armor pieces i had to make a few thing thinner to fit my body size (biceps, forearms and chest). as long as it looks ok and close to the game model (and if your not a perfectionist) then you should be ok.
The whole thing fits me perfectly. Except for the neck area, after I trimmed it. would it matter if i just cut that whole bottom ring off?
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