Un-Godly File contains Halo 1,2,3

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I created a master file of all the Pepakura files I found which include Halo 1 - 3 Characters, Weapons


EDIT: All files are PDO which means Pepakura and all files belong to there rightful owners Bungie Studios/Microsoft or Fan created I take no credit expect converting all the files to pdos and making things easier
Win-rar says its a 40 day trial, but its really free.

After 40 days, when you open it theres a pop up that say Buy Now and Close. Just click close and use the program!

And BTW, once it's installed, you can open winrar files just by clicking them.
i have pep, now i downloaded the file but it wont let me print it out. it shows the model, but no cut outs. what happened???
isnt this illegal shouldnt we close this topic, you didnt make the models, bungie did if im correct these are extracted from the games, besides the h3 ones, if so this is an illegal file and the topic should be closed and the file link should be deleted

but if not lol nice find
Doom said:
Forgot to lock the topic on the way out, :roll: . Through my eyes, this forum is fine as long as we keep it to pdo's.

Myself from the last topic Ronin.

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