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This list will contain cons from locations not covered by current Regiments:

Be advised, I am going to need everyone's help to grow this list. If you know of any conventions in your area, post it here or send me a link and I'll write it up and post. Thanks.



שימו לב, אני צריך את העזרה של כולם כדי לגדול רשימה זו. אם אתה יודע על כל המוסכמות באזור שלך, לפרסם אותו כאן או לשלוח לי קישור ואני אכתוב את זה לכתוב. תודה.​

Mag-payo, kailangan ko ng tulong ng lahat upang mapalago ang listahang ito. Kung alam mo ang anumang mga convention sa iyong lugar, i-post ito dito o padalhan ako ng isang link at isusulat ko ito at mag-post. Salamat.

सलाह दीजिए, मुझे इस सूची को विकसित करने के लिए हर किसी की मदद की आवश्यकता है। यदि आप अपने क्षेत्र में किसी भी सम्मेलनों के बारे में जानते हैं, तो यहां पोस्ट करें या मुझे एक लिंक भेजें और मैं इसे लिखूंगा और पोस्ट करूंगा। धन्यवाद।

Được khuyên, tôi sẽ cần sự giúp đỡ của mọi người để phát triển danh sách này. Nếu bạn biết về bất kỳ công ước trong khu vực của bạn, hãy đăng nó ở đây hoặc gửi cho tôi một liên kết và tôi sẽ viết nó lên và đăng. Cảm ơn.

이 목록을 작성하려면 모든 사람의 도움이 필요합니다. 해당 지역의 관습에 대해 알고 계시다면 여기에 게시하거나 링크를 보내 주시면 작성하여 게시하겠습니다. 감사.

كن حذرا، وانا ذاهب الى مساعدة الجميع لتنمو هذه القائمة. إذا كنت تعرف من أي اتفاقيات في منطقتك، بعد ذلك هنا أو أرسل لي وصلة وسأكتب عنه وآخر. شكر.​


Name: C3AFA
Date: Feb 9-11
Location: Hong Kong, China
Events: Monster Mother Animation, Live Musical Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Exhibitors, Vendors.


Name: Comic Con Asia
Date: March 24-25
Location: Pasay City, Philippines
Events: Graphic Novel Contest, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, One Shot Promo, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley.


Name: Seoul Comic Con
Date: Aug 4-6
Location: Seoul, Korea
Events: Korea Championship of Cosplay, Kids Cosplay Showcase, Exhibitors, Vendors, Panels, Artists, Live entertainers.

Name: C3AFATokyo
Date: Aug 25-26
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Events: Exhibitors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Kids Zone, Live Musical Performances, Market Place, Anime, Multi Media Events.


Date: Sept 8-9
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Events: Guests, Autographs, Photo OPs, Q&As, J-Pop, Kids Cosplay Parade and Championship of Cosplay, After Hours Party Activities.


Name: Shanghai Comic Con
Date: October TBA
Location: Shanghai, China
Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Guests, Autographs, Photo OPs, Q&A, Vendors, Artists Alley, Panels, Fan Gathering, Comics, Manga, Gaming, Live Performances, Multi Media


Name: Tokyo Comic Con
Date: Nov 30- Dec 2
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Events: Guests, Autographs, Photo OPs, Fan Tables, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Live Performances, Movie & TV Exhibits, Panels, Gaming, Artists Alley, Food Court.
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