Under Brim Detail

Hey does anyone know where I could find, or if there is, a template for the under the helmet brim detail? Something I could print out and tape to plastic to cut it out?

I need to glaze so the sooner someone could help me the better.

P.S. I have seen reference pics but I can't transcribe them well.


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As far as I know, there aren't any templates for the underside of the helmet brim. For my own helmet build, I pretty much did it by eye, sketched out a rough template and then traced it onto sheet styrene. The easiest way for you would probably be to do it yourself. Worked for me... :)

tsau mia

If you have Halo 3, you can use the fact that all of your games are recorded to move the camera and look at the underside of your brim. That might help.

Maj Pain

Hey bro, this is what i used to make my design. I think this is the piece that comes with those helmet kits you can buy. Hope this helps.