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Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by CollinMcCaf, May 22, 2018.

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    If theres one thing I hate, its smelly suits.
    Anyone have experience with cooling systems for undersuits/helmets?
    I was thinking perhaps using bellows in such a way that whenever you're moving it blows air on you. I want to avoid electronics wherever possible (mostly because of the noise).
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    I think a bellows would be louder than a fan. Especially one of these:
    Loop a string around your foot and have the tube blow on your face?

    I know some folks hook up a battery to a PC cooling fan and stick that in their helmet. Those fans are pretty quiet.
    To keep your undersuit from getting smelly make sure its machine washable?
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    I have installed three fans inside my helmet and they work pretty fine
  4. Badkitty

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    I have also installed 80mm fans in my helmet powered by 9V batteries. This has worked well for me for years and the noise, well the really isn't any. As for cooling under you armor I have worn cooling vests in the past. You can buy low profile cooling vests designed for law enforcement online. Good luck.
  5. CollinMcCaf

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    Sweet, I've been trying to figure out a way to make the under-suit rubberized like in game. I'll have to look into those vests
  6. Cadet

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    As others have said, fans in the helmet are one of the most common and easy to implement solutions.

    When it comes to a cooling undersuit, the two most common systems are based on evaporation and cooled or chilled gel packs. The evaporation based cooling vests often don't work as well with our gear, as the armor, especially foam armor will insulate the vest from the atmosphere, preventing it from evaporating and creation the cooling effect.

    As for the gel packs, you have to be careful. At first they are great, but once the cool has worn off, they begin to be warmed up from your body heat. Over time they then absorb and trap your body heat, no longer cooling you, but heating you with your own body heat, which can lead to catastrophic issues.

    An avenue to explore is to look at products designed to be used in conjunction with motocycle leathers or motocross armor, but pay special attention to what the system is based on.
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    I believe I have found my solution. I'll basically make a full-body hex-mesh suit
    I imagine 3 layers should be more than plenty, the whole thing will then have a "skin" attached to the outside with the appropriate stitching, while leaving openings behind the armor pieces.
    The skin would then be painted with a rubbery material, probably flexseal or something similar
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    This podcast from Tested shows a lot of different ways to cool a suit, save for the typical PC fans and ice pack vests.

    Provided you can find the parts, some of them like Adam's cooling garment on his 2001: A Space Odyssey costume would work really well. It uses ice water being pumped through aquarium tubing attached to the under suit to actively cool you. You could hide a reservoir inside the backpack of your armor.

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