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    for the life of me i cant find anything on a simple under suit. I almost done with my Halo CE suit but i need a under suit to pull it together. As well as gloves and simple suit things. I only have this one picture for now untill i get home.

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    Maybe you can order a black zentai suit online and then free-hand undersuit detailings using either craft foam, thin EVA foam floor mats, or upholstery foam. It's tricky to do an undersuit without adequate references or files to work from, but to get the size right you could even make a mock up dummy bust to draw the undersuit designs on and work from there! I want to make parts of an undersuit for my mark iv (mostly thighs and torso being the most visible) but haven't got around to it yet.

    Best of luck! Always good to see more CE Chiefs
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    Actually, Zentai make a printed HALO undersuit. Check it out HERE
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    If you are doing a traditional, classic, CE chief, not a CE:A Chief, then you do not need one of the printed lycra suits or even a plain black one with details added for the most basic version.

    Looking at the CE chief, the only real details on the under suit are a potential "ribbed" material or extra detail between the shin and thigh armor, only in the back, and what appear to folds or wrinkles at the shoulders and tops of the thighs. These can be interpreted as either wrinkles, suggesting a more loose fitting under suit more akin to a Flight suit than a lycra/soandex/underarmor/Zentai suit, or they could be seen as "ribbs" sggesting a textured under suit that is still more thick than form fitting.

    However, the details are pretty faint and I think that an argument could be made for either view. And as most people will not know of these details, if your ultimate goal is to go for Deployment, a plain black under suit will work for the most basic Tier levels, as these details are so often unnoticed.
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    Cadet I could argue with that. Classic Mark V looks in some spots more detailed than the Anniversary Mark V. There is no CE/A ready printed lycra suit anyway. Classic or Anniversary - you have to do it yourself.


    Dirtdives That's for Halo 5 GEN2, not Halo CE. ;)
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