Unidentified Weapon?

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Lt Ambrose

'Lo everyone. On to business, I was going through my EGM magazine, specifically the Halo 3 coverage section, and I noticed something odd. On the page where it talks about the different armor types in multiplayer in the upper right of the page, there's an EVA spartan holding an odd looking weapon. I've never seen it or heard of it before so I'm curious if anyone know's what it is, it's definitly Convenant. The only thought I could come up with was maybe a Scarab gun? Doubtful, but if anyone has an idea, let me know.

-Ambrose Out
Did it look like:

if so, then it is the mauler, not a scarab gun.
Certainly not the mauler, this weapon I'm talking about is pretty good size. I'll surf around to try and find a pic.

Edit:No luck on a pic yet, but the closest thing I can compare it to would be the gun off of a Convenant turret. That may be what it is, but I dunno. The weapon looks heavy enough to be carried around like a chain gun or missile pod would.

Edit 2: I couldn't find any pics. I've given what description I can, hopefully someone'll come along with some info...

19 days until the midnight release....
No. It's NOT a Mauler. I know what a mauler looks like. This gun is NOT a mauler. It's a plasma weapon. As stated in my previous description, the weapon is heavy enough to make the character squat like they would if they were carrying a chain gun or missile pod. Does a Mauler look like it's heavy enough to do that? Didn't think so...

Plus, if it was a Mauler, I would have shut up a long time ago when Iron posted that pic of one. Since this isn't the case, the Mauler must not be what I'm looking for.
Ok, I'll accept that possibility since it did cross my mind.

I'm noticing something though, people seem to post the same answers as other people, when answering a question, without, apparently, having read the previous answers. I had already shot down the Mauler answer, and yet it pops up again as if Jin had never read the previous posts. People, please READ. It saves everyone loads of frustration and keeps people from thinking you're a complete moron. So please read.

Blah, whatever. I'm sick...And tired...I'll just lurk for a while. Later.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure its some kind of plasma turret, but I believe on the one podcast Bungie said they changed it. Then again, it could be the Covie equivalent to the missile pod.
Thank you Silverzippo for finding a pic of what I've been talking about.

How the h*ll is that the mauler?
wow... i counted about 4 posts saying it was the mauler... read the previous post people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geez
...ok a lil harsh but stil l:-l
MaShEdPOTaToEs said:
oooooh thats the mauler:) lol just kiddin
LOL ok everyone who said its a mauler needs to read its already been confirmed its a plasma cannon but omg after he tells you lol you say 0m9 1t5 a Mau13r!!!
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