UNSC Hat Pins


Here is a little bit I sculpted this past April for my group of troopers. It's sculpted out of Super Sculpey, and then I made a mold so I could make castings. Castings are Smooth Cast 300, painted and then black washed. They have push-pin style fixtures on the back that are embedded in the resin.







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I love it! Things like these are subtle but truly bring any full outfit to a whole other league.

Jason 078

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Those are amazing! I wish I could order a couple from you. However, I completely understand the amount of requests you are getting. I'm going through that h-e-double-hockey sticks myself with a custom backpack I am making for my McQuarrie Boba Fett.


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These look great! The first few pics are nice, but it's not until the pins are mounted on a hat in the last photo that the effect is fully realized. Great job!

Jason 078

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When I wear a certain costume to events, I usually wear a hat in my "civvies" that speaks to the type of costume. My Biker scout is a white boonie cap with black Imperial cog, my RFT is an Army Patrol Cap with Revel symbol, and my Rebel Pilot is an orange A-Frame with Rebel wings... When I get my MkIV armor done, I am definitely going to want a Marine patrol cap (gray) with that symbol on it.


I would totally buy some of these off you if you were selling them they are beautiful!
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