Up scaled Reach Concussion Rifle 3D Printable Model W.I.P (Poll Winner)

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Hello again!

I'd like to see what people would be interested in regarding 3D printable game assets. I installed reclaimer yesterday and now have access to a huge number of files that I want to give the same treatment to as I did the fuel rod cannon and Reach plasma rifle. This would involve subdividing the low poly game rips and adding details so they become something better to 3D print. Additionally I would plan on pre slicing the model and creating internal supports for assembly.

Above are some ideas to vote for. If you have ideas for something not listed let me know! Ideas don't have to be weapon related either, a small ask would be to double check that an existing model isn't floating around somewhere before recommending something.
Imma let the poll run for a few more days but right now the concussion rifle leads. I may have been too excited pulling all these models as what was going to be a new organized 3D workspace is now a clutter of stuff I pulled on impulse.
Screenshot (111).png

I made some progress on the plasma cannon and battery when it comes to subdividing but this might give an example for what I plan to do for the winning vote.
This is the model as is:

Screenshot (112).pngScreenshot (113).png

So little polygons. All the hard vertices would be visible after printing, ew.

This is what things look like after 2 rounds of subdividing (ever face gets cut into 6-8 additional sub-faces per subdivide)
Screenshot (114).pngScreenshot (115).png

Much better. Smaller details will get cut into the low poly version and transfer nicely into the subdivided one. This helps spend less time on detailing and lets my laptop process less at once, it doesn't like it when subdivisions happen.

I'm trying to make the little Covenant crates into a pencil holder or storage box with removable covers. If you cant tell I find this all very exciting.
The concussion rifle is a hot mess. I've had to completely recreate the magazine due to the amount of open edges and unattached geometry that make to original almost impossible to work with. The same issue is present for the rest of the model but is more manageable. Thankfully the whole thing is imported with unique sections that allow me to separate different parts, reattach/ remove clipping or absent geometry and make things much nicer to work with.

After everything is cleaned I'll make edits so the top lifts up and the mag can be removed. There's a ton of intricate details underneath the top that likely didn't need to be there for the game but its interesting how much the original designer was able to squeeze into this thing.

Progress is being made with all this being said:

Screenshot (116).pngScreenshot (117).png

While I likely wont print this myself, I still want to put the same amount of effort into it as my other projects. But just a heads up for anyone interested in this for a prop, its big. Even scaled down to 80% where I find most props look "normal" its almost 83cm long!
Screenshot (118).png
Progress on the concussion rifle is being made again!
Screenshot (124).png
I'm about 90% done with cleaning up the geometry and everything is subdividing nicely. What's next will be adding some extra details along with figuring out how to best allow the top cover to pivot up. There's nothing in place on the original model for this, the animation just clips parts together so I expect some of the front may need to be cut out or re designed to allow this. From there I just need to chop things up for printing and let it out into the wild.
Stoked to see how this turns out!
I assume you'll have the covenant hex pattern as a paint on feature, not a modeled texture, correct?

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