Upcoming Event (Sidney, BC) - Van Isle Con 2019


Division PR, RMO and BCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
Community Staff
Where: Mary Winspear Center
When: June 9th, 10:00-19:00
Cost: Entry by donation, recommended $10

This is a one day event that focuses on cosplay, art and community while keeping costs low so that there is no barrier to entry to get your geek on. I'm currently planning on bringing Daisy out for the day and CplYapFlip is working on some upgrades to her SPARTAN-III to hopefully get it to a more comfortable wear condition. There is no "official" 405th presence for this event but having troopers on the ground is always good for visibility.

If any of the Vancouver crew want to do a park and ride on the Tsawwassen side to keep costs down to walk-on ferry tickets, I can meet you on the Swartz Bay side and drive you in to Sidney. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, shoot me a PM and I can give you my phone number so we can coordinate timings on the day of.