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So I downloaded the resources for Halo 3 ODST armor as that is what I want my first set to be. Inside the .ZIP file is a folder labeled Foam. Are these the ones that are specifically made for those that wish to use only foam and the other files for those that wish to take the resin/fiberglass route? And if you were to use these templates, is the ideal way to cut out every single piece, transfer to foam and cut every single piece in foam? It just seems to me that it would be easier to not subdivide the foam as much as it makes more seams in the long run. Sorry for the block of text but thank you to whomever decides to read this and help!


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Files labeled for Foam are meant for use with EVA foam construction. If they are not labeled "Foam" then they are intended for cardstock and Fiberglass usage.


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Thank you! This is my first time ever working with foam so I was going to start small and start with something like a magnum, but now I have the resources for later


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Your assumptions in my mind are correct - no need to cut every single piece if you feel logically 2 or more pieces could be made out of 1 single piece of foam, with v grooves (that don't cut all the way through) and hot glue on the inside to create the sharp angles. I did the same thing with the chest plate of a US Colonial Marine - the main part without the trim was 12 pieces but I made it from 1 piece plus 2 darts (see images).

I've not yet begun on my ODST but I'll be looking for opportunities to do the same. The knee pad and shoulder pads might be opportunities for that. The lower part of the shoulder armour could have a valley and a mountain v groove (ie one on the inside, one on the outside) to create the bends that go in opposite directions. Punished Props has a video tutorial on these kinds of cuts.
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