Various armor materials---testing---

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after purviewing the site for a while, I noticed there really isn't much discussions about alternate armor materials than pepakura, cardboard or moldings of sorts. Unfortunately, I have access to only cardboard but I want durable armor.

So, I have decided to start testing many types of materials for armor from heat cut styrofoam to metal to, my favorite prospect yet, wood.

I have begun work on the wooden helmet and will post pics as soon as my computer doesn't suck, so no promises when. It is coming along nicely and, given I have the week off, most likely will be done by saturday.

I'll update when updates are merited,
If I had a wooden suit, I would totally use a redwood stain on it....

Seriously though dude, this sounds like an interesting if heavy project. What kind of wood are you using?
I am not sure exaclty what kind of wood, I believe it is a softer pine. I did consider balsa but it is no where near strong enough to make a decent suit out of it. Weight isn't gonna be that much of an issue, I've weighed it and it comes in at about 50 pounds of raw materials, so the suit will weigh less.

I forgot to mention that the undersuit that I will be using is an old kevlar vest. Now I can claim my suit is bulletproof, how about you??

Yeah, I do alot of long backpacking trips up mountains, so a wee bit of weight will make me feel at home.

I am still trying to get my POS computer to upload the pics. I have a decent video of a 360 view of the helm as of yet. Showing it to my computer will probably fry it, its all I can do to keep it on the web.

HEY:mad: haha your stealing my idea lol i started the plywood helmet a while back ahaha and im also getting good progress....hope you helmet turns out
Mine is not ply wood, it is bulk lumber from projects from my house, furniture, etc. It is all single pieces of wood, allowing for easier carving and shaping.

Good luck.

Sounds like an interesting project. I hope it turns out well, and you don't hit any knotty problems.
oh haha it sounds pretty interesting if you ask me ...good luck with it i hope it turns out good...and hurry up and try to post some pics haha im very interested to see your work... :hyper:

i got lazy. The wood is great just takes forever to craft anything with it. I will finish the helm in wood but the body is being crafted of cardboard. Pics will be added in a few hours when I get to a good point for photos.



Here are the photos of the cardboard so far. Just now extruding, so pardon the flatness.



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