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So, I'm already into making videos for YouTube, and with beginning my armor soon, I thought I might make a new YouTube channel just for the building of my suit.

I like the idea, but I'm having doubts. I've made a tutorial video before, (not that these videos would be tutorials, because they wouldn't) and I got new comments and messages and questions every day from that thing. I think doing this for a Mjolnir suit would just be asking to be barraged with questions, etc.

Plus, I would want to give credit where credit is due (to the users on this site) but that would mean exposure to, potentially bringing unwanted (as well as some wanted) company.

I could also do the videos discreetly, leaving out bigger details, disabling comments on the videos, and only posting them here.

What do you guys think?
You could always allow comments and not answer them. If you see someone with genuine interest in armor making and a competent grasp of the English language (ie: no 1 dat tawks leik dis), you could send them a message telling them about the 405th. Think of it like a screening process for potential members.
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