Video Games Live with the Colorado Symphony Red Rocks Aug 5th


Hey all,

I was contacted by a rep at the Colorado Symphony about an upcoming show they are doing in collaboration with Video Games Live about our interest in coming and perhaps do some kind of performance(walk on, do a twirl, pose, walk pose, etc) in costume. Since this is in conjunction with Video Games Live they have a lot of discussions to do but in the past the Colorado Symphony has done Sci Fi shows with the 501st, Ghostbusters, super hero cosplayers, and a few others. The planning is very early and loose so they don't even know if they want us but I wanted to get a count on how many people would be interested in hauling their butts to Red Rocks on a Wednesday night to dress up and have some fun. So if you are interested please pencil it in your calendars and let me know what rig you will be wearing along with posting a picture so I can send them to the Colorado Symphony and Video Games Live for approval. Since this is an official even I would assume that we want all suits to be within cannon but I will have to ask the CO, so no my little pony Chief hybrids or Broncos paint schemes :p

If you or your family/friends are interested in going but not dressing up here is some info for the concert.

Video Games Live™ with the Colorado Symphony
Pre-sale Promo Code: 1UP

This is for pre-sale only Tickets start at $25.00 for General Admission (plus fees and seat tax). Your pre-sale code will be live on Monday morning the 27th at 10:00am. Feel free to blow this up on your social media. As for the event itself, this is at Red Rocks so it’s a much different animal. That said, I’m not sure what room we’ll have for your tables like we do in Boettcher. I’ll know more as we get closer to the event. That likely kills any comps I may get, so feel free to buy tickets with this pre-sale if you’d like to attend.

Here is Video Games Live's website with info on what they do

Thanks again!



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Sounds good! As long as something more pressing does not come up before then, I'm free. Here's a picture of my suit for your use my friend.


*Edit* I'm working on a new suit as well right now but it's simply going to be a better quality version of my current suit with different paint. So if I finish that by then... Well...
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